Selling Cream Legbars, French Black Copper Marans have leg feathers, Birchen Marans, and White Marans. They all came from a reputable source and are verified top-line of their breed. Each in great healthThey all lay lay sky blue, blue, or olive-colored eggs with the exception of French Black Copper Marans, who lay dark chocolate-colored eggs very beautiful deep color. Prices All Marans - $64 ea...
Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Silver Wyandotte, Leg Horn, Jersey Giant, Black Orpington cross RI Red, Americana Easter Egger, laying blue, brown, light brown eggs, pure breedvery rare Ameraucana laying blue eggs We raised hens from chicks, taking care of them very well. All are healthy and strong. They are all average 6 to 7 months old. Laying 67 eggs per week.Price Easter Eggers $54, Amera...
Purebred Ayam Cemani $4 per egg Please note, the Ayam Cemani is still being worked on by todays breeders there is no Standard of Perfection yet due to random defects to their all black skin, any of these breeders birds as well as mine can give you an occasional white toe or even pink tongue even from all black stock like mine are. The ones that mine have produced with white toes have outgrown t...
Our Chickens have le forage and are supplemented with Non-GMO Feed tested free of herbicides and pesticides. They have wonderful orange yolks. Local pickup and limited local delivery.
6 Rhode island reds 1 red sexlinks 2 years old lay large brown eggs $10 each or best offer would also like to trade for a goat. email or text me.
Brand new, never wor, Hawkins Collection Rainboots. We ordered online from UK and they didnt fit my daughter. Size 4. Paid $30 but asking for $20.
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BOOKS.Chicken Soup for the Soul, twelve different titles, $25. 540-325-XXXX
Older chicken coop you pick up and haul away. The extension of the coupe is made of pallet wood with a weatherproof plastic over it. Applied some Thompsons stain to the pallets last season. The actual solid wood part of the coop will hold up to 6 hens. You may need to add a couple extra walls for the stalls. It would be more cosmetically appealing, if it was painted.
4x6 chicken coop and 9 one year old laying hens New Hshire and brown leg horns. Coop is sitting on cement blocks and can be moved. Run has posts buried but you can take what you want. Call or text. Most go make reasonable offer.