last weekMartinsburg, WV+23 milesItems Wanted
If anybody smokes Marlboros or knows anybody that does that just throws the pack away when done I am looking for codes that are located on any brand of Marlboro cigarettes. It's located on the inside of the pack on the top flap. There about a 12 digit code that consist of numbers and letters. Any and every one that has not been used before would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
last weekMartinsburg, WV+23 milesItems Wanted
Looking for crafts things wire wreaths, mesh,bows or ect .
In need of Small, Medium, Large, Extra large dog crates. Hard plastic sided and open wire. Must be in good condition. I can pick up.
Looking for some 5.29 gear sets, high pinion 8 and 9.5 rear, solid pinion spacers and some lockers if anyone has stuff laying around before I buy all new. Thanks John
put our in today since it was humid and welp think it bite the dust.... tyi
Want to start riding bikes in the evening when it cools off for exercise and something to do together we got ours out ( haven't been used in years) and they are rusted tires are all flat and chain wont move EEEK TYI
I do not have a lot of money. I am a single mom and I need help moving large items to my new house.
Hi, I'm looking for any canning supplies like jars and unused lids, etc. Also looking for flats to grow garden plants in and hand garden tools. If you want to dispose of these things I'm interested in obtaining them. Thanks!!
In search of a washing machine.. that runs well. Preferably one being given away. Please reach out to me if so!!
Looking for working Lawn Mower, push mower. Gas or Electric, doesn't matter, as long as it works/runs. Thanks!
Box fan, mini fan, table top, stand alone, any kind works. Apartment has little airflow and becomes very hot. Anything helps!